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  9. Due to the diversity of information sources, the complexity of processing the collected data and the difficulty in checking this by grouping sources, you must use the results with every care possible, Find-Your-Horse.com cannot be held responsible: for any indirect damages such as the loss of a contract, any commercial prejudice, financial prejudice, loss of customer, any commercial problems, loss of profits, loss of brand image that could result from the use of this site and the database and the incapacity of using the latter, for the nature or comprehensiveness of the data contained in the database or for the use of this data.
  10. By leaving your email address on the site, both as an advertiser, as well as in the alert service, in sending the advert to a third party or in any part of the site whatsoever, you accept in advance, and without this acceptance opening any usage rights on the Find-Your-Horse.com site as provided for in the present contract, to receive information emails from Find-Your-Horse.com. These emails may contain advertising information on another brand. The database constituted in this way will be neither sold nor communicated to a third party for whatever reason.
  11. The content of the adverts is the exclusive and full responsibility of its author (the advertiser) and under no circumstances that of Find-Your-Horse.com. Any advertiser or applicant is committed to visitors to only supply real and sincere information both in terms of his identity as well as the animal, the product, the article or the service proposed or sought. Consequently Find-Your-Horse.com has no control on the quality, dependability or accuracy of the animals and any product, article or service displayed, the truth or accuracy of the adverts put on line, the actual identity of advertisers or their ability to sell the said property and services, nor the ability of buyers to pay for the aforementioned property or services.
  12. Any transaction carried out between the advertiser and a visitor is the exclusive responsibility of these two parties both in terms of supply of the animal, the product, the article or the service and the price proposed and to be paid without Find-Your-Horse.com being directly or indirectly interested in the correct completion of the said transaction. In this respect the responsibility of Find-Your-Horse.com cannot be sought and therefore, users, advertisers or applicants are only committed to each other and excluding any involvement of Find-Your-Horse.com.
  13. Terms of service for 'Coupled advert FYH/L'Eperon'
    1. Overall rule: Every classified captured on the web site www.find-your-horse.com, and corresponding at least to one of the categories to be selected in the capture window used for the forthcoming classified in L'Eperon might be posted both in L'Eperon and in the website's partner magazines, and is meanwhile posted in the previously mentioned web site. The posting in www.find-your-horse.com occurs immediately. However, L'Eperon can not be held responsible of the extension of this lead time, notably in such a case as a technical problem beyond the web site's control (host).
    2. Fees: The enforceable fee which is enforced at the moment of the capture is the one reachable from the summary of the home page, underneath the button written 'fees'. The fees are expressed in euros all taxes included, and include the post in the journal and/or in the internet.
    3. Categories: The election of the category is left to the internet user customer's discretion. However, with the intention to maintain coherence, L'Eperon's Classifieds service reserves the right to adjust a category which would be obviously in inadequacy with the sake of the classified.
    4. The classified's text: The redaction of the classifieds text is left to the internet user customer's discretion. However, with the intention to maintaining understanding, spelling or coherence, L'Eperon's Classifieds service reserves the right to correct a text which would not be compliant with de capture prescriptions: a space missing between words, abbreviations... If the rectifications made necessary by the non-respect of the previously formulated rules lead to an increase of the cost of the classified, L'Eperon's Classifieds service reserves the right, after having given notice to the client, to stop the classified's publication until settlement. Without settlement, the stopped classified would purely and simply be repaid. Finally, L'Eperon can refuse to post a classified without having to justify itself. In which case the classified would be fully repaid.
    5. Payment: The price (in euros) charged to the client is the price given in the order confirmation displayed before reaching to the payment web page. The classifieds price is payable cash on the day of the effective online validation. The payment is made online according to the SSL secured protocol, directly on the website of Find-Your-Horse's bank, La Banque Postale. The client's confirmed classified is considered to be effective when the related banking payment centre gives consent. The client shall receive order and payment confirmation in an email. With this message are also enclosed two reference numbers:
      - the classified reference number will be asked for any stop or modification of his publication
      - the transaction number will be asked for any either complete or part repayment.
    6. 'Informatiques et libertÚs' clauses: In accordance with the 01/06/1978 french law: 'Informatique et LibertÚs' ('Computing and Liberties'), you have at your disposal a right of access and rectification of your personal datas. Indeed, you might receive other companies' offers by our intermediary. If you want it to stop, just write or email us enclosing your last name, first name, address and your client reference if possible.
    7. Cancellation: Considering the deadlines bound to the magazine's technical realization, neither demands to stop the publication of a classified, nor its repayment can be made after the date posted in the paragraph 'Parutions'.
    8. Repayment: Beyond the cases mentioned in paragraph 'd.' above, only classifieds can be repaid when the following condition occurs: 'If the client does a deal before or at the time of the first or second publication in the magazine, L'Eperon would repay the amount of the second and (or) the third publication' or would give a credit note worth the corresponding amount.